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Mortgage insurance, compare and win!

Mortgage insurance, compare and win!

Loan insurance delegation: a quick tip: quickly tell your bank that you choose this solution!

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1 – When the banker will make a proposal for rates and financing for your mortgage, he will also propose his group insurance contract.

2 – As soon as you have the cost of insurance that the bank offers, then call your insurance broker borrower who will quickly tell you what savings it can make you.

3 – Return then quickly see your banker to let him know your decision to opt for a delegation of insurance rather than for their group contract.

4 – Indeed, he will need the estimate and the certificate of adhesion to finalize the project as soon as possible, without any misunderstanding at the time of the publication of the loan offer and without it there is a risk of delaying the release of funds.

Trust us for your loan insurance!

Trust us for your loan insurance!

1 – We have selected the most reliable borrower insurance companies on the market. We study your needs, your profile and your budget and look for the most suitable contract for all of these characteristics. We also take into account all the criteria required by your bank on their group contract and will select for you the right guarantees to be in total equivalence and not risk a refusal of the bank.

2 – Indeed it is not all to privilege a competitive price, even if it is important and even if it is one of the criteria to which we are particuliar attentive, it is necessary that the guarantees are equivalent to those of the group contract that offers you the bank on the one hand, and that these guarantees properly protect you and your family on the other hand.

3 – Thus we will help you to understand what are the guarantees to which you will have to subscribe (death / total and irreversible loss of autonomy, incapacity for work, disability, insurance loss of employment …), which waiting periods and franchise to choose.

4 – We will also advise you on the exclusions to pay attention to. In the case where you present an aggravated health risk, we will directly select the companies that insure your type of risk so that you do not waste precious time to question organizations that do not offer you the formula and guarantees adapted to your problem. .

5 – We will follow you in all the stages of your file, will help you to make the right steps in the good timing in order to obtain your certificate of adhesion within the given deadlines.

6 – We also recommend to consult a broker for your mortgage because you will be also assured of getting the best rate. So you can accumulate savings: better rate of insurance borrower + better mortgage rate = the TEG (Global Effective Rate) the cheapest!

Practical information: how to apply for a loan insurance quote?

Practical information: how to apply for a loan insurance quote?

1 – Fill out your online loan application form in less than 3 minutes, indicating the characteristics of your loan and information about you

2 – We remind you to take stock of your project and compare on the spot the best companies, leaders in loan insurance

3 – We select the insurance borrower best suited to your profile (young, senior, aggravated risk …) and the best price