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Understand the borrower insurance quote

Understand the borrower insurance quote

An estimate means a written document by which a professional (supplier or service provider) proposes an offer of sale of goods or services by indicating the price and the detail of the offer. To take out loan insurance, you must understand the quote that is sent to you. All the explanations.

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A borrower insurance allows the assumption of the payment of the total or partial payment of the monthly installments of your mortgage in case of occurrence of a disaster. The amount paid by the insurer generally depends on the percentage of the insured person’s disability or disability, the number of days off work, the duration of unemployment.

The conditions of subscription of a borrower insurance can vary greatly according to the guaranteed capital in the event of death. To take out a loan insurance policy, the insurance candidate must answer a health questionnaire and sometimes undergo medical examinations. Generally, the age of the insured person is subject to a ceiling and different risks do not allow access to insurance such as business risks, health risks and risks of sport or leisure. Also, if you are a smoker, some insurers may refuse to insure you.

The establishment of a loan insurance quote therefore depends on many parameters.

Know that in case of a temporary incapacity for work, all pathologies are not supported, such as affections of the back or the nervous breakdown. You must therefore carefully review the content of the offer to fully understand your rights and review the duration and rate of compensation. All clauses of the proposed contract must be scrutinized.

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The Lagarde law allows you to choose your mortgage insurance contract. You can thus put insurers in the competition by comparing different borrower insurance quotes in order to save on the overall cost of your credit by using the delegation of insurance.

In order to make sure you find the best deal, use an online borrower insurance comparator. This allows you to simulate your loan, receive quotes borrower insurance of your choice and compare them to choose the cheapest proposal that best meets your needs and your situation.